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 the 7 day keto challenge

For keto-ish results, use Know Brainer first thing in the morning as an alternative to skipping breakfast. If you really want to see and feel the difference, download the 7 day keto plan pdf below for tips to kickstart your ketogenic journey.

Know Brainer is a tool to keep you on the right track. Breaking your fast with fat communicates to your brain and body you are satisfied and A.O.K. You will not crave sugar and carbs and, in turn, make healthier choices.

Remember to keep carbs to a minimum (no more than 50g carbs daily) if you are aiming to lose weight. Cut yourself some slack if you are just wanting to maintain. I call this doing it the keto-ish way. The keto-ish way of doing things encourages the elimination of gluten, sugar, vinegar and grains. If you are casein and lactose-free dairy is a no-no.

If you want to indulge with dinner, go for it! Be mindful carbs and sugar will keep you from burning fat. Try not to eat after 6pm. After seven days, you’ll start seeing a real difference in your life. Check out our keto-ish recipes for inspiration and our FAQs page if you have dietary restrictions!

Having trouble sticking to a regimen? You can always get back on track with Know Brainer. MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are a form of saturated fatty acid and are digested easily and sent directly to your liver. MCT is used for fuel instead of being stored as fat.

download my 7 day keto kickstart PDF