Power the mind and metabolism with MCT oil and grassfed clarified butter, not sugar.

hello, I’m Know Brainer, the keto powerhouse! My products power your mind and metabolism with healthy fat, not sugar. 

Enjoy my delicious and convenient butter coffee creamers and instant premium coffees, teas & hot chocolate boasting with benefits.  I'm an on the go, portion-controlled, body-do-gooding sachet filled with pure MCT oil, organic grassfed clarified butter and NO ADDED SUGAR


And now, I am more convenient than ever with my ketogenic coffee, teas and hot chocolate! I’m exactly what the body needs first thing in the morning. To stay healthy and alert burn fat for fuel, not sugar! Perfectly proportioned, fabulously flavored, super satisfying. Yep, that's me! 




Meet the latest addition to the Know Brainer family, a 16oz multi-serve pourable keto creamer. And with added collagen it's packed with protein and amino acids




Same great healthy fat benefits, in an even more convenient delivery. Get the same brain boosting, metabolism moving super powers in my keto instant coffees, keto teas and keto hot chocolates! Now available online. Just add hot water and stir me up buttercup!  


why I'm good


Are you ready for sustained energy and mental focus? Did you know my ingredients support ketosis in your body? Instead of burning carbohydrates, you burn fat. Let me help you maintain a healthy weight, healthy muscle and healthy brain. Learn all about my health benefits.


expert approved!


"Know Brainer, is the most innovative product I've seen on the market in years. The two main ingredients, MCT oil and organic grass-fed butter, work in perfect harmony to satiate and fuel the brain and body. I especially love this product for any one with brain issues, autoimmune issues or cancer. " 

Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D. author The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine. 

Know Brainer is on Ashley's Koff's 'approved product list'! 

Ashley Koff RD is an award winning nutrition expert and registered dietitian who helps create better health for all in the US fueled by better nutrition. Koff’s highly successful approach helps people reach their better health goals by identifying and making Better Not Perfect choices, more often. 

Check me out on Ashley's site and learn more about her here.


sugar buster sampler pack!



These days it's hard to avoid sugars and harmful carbs, let me help you curb those cravings!

Try our 6 flavor sampler that will fuel your metabolism, clear the mind fog and beat back the craving for sugar.

$12 for 6 pack sampler.


I'm convenient and delicious

Check out my video to see how easy I am to use! And follow these simple steps for best results:

1. First thing in the morning grab your favorite cup of joe

2. Knead my sachet, then stir me up buttercup

3. You should feel satiated for 3 - 4 hours

4. Do some exercise, it can be as simple as a walk.

5. Ketosis has begun, you're burning fat, not carbs.

ancient wisdom to modern revolution

Fats are not the villain. We've forgotten how to integrate good fats into our diet, but that's okay! I'm leading a fats renaissance, with MCT oil (10x's more strength than coconut oil) and organic grass-fed clarified butter. I know what ancient Himalayan sherpas knew: natural MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) work wonders on your brain and metabolism. I'm using generations-old knowledge in combination with cutting edge health trends to give you a keto-approved, paleo-friendly creamer that's like nothing you've ever tasted!


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my story

Once upon a time, some pretty smart cookies decided to make their mornings even brighter, tastier, and nutritious. So they put their brains together and created me, the thinker's creamer. Check out my founder Shari in this video and click below to learn the story of how I came to be.


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