Picnic-Perfect Sugar-Free Dessert Recipes

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Picnic-Perfect Sugar-Free Dessert Recipes

With summer in full swing with the ocasional picnic and backyard barbecues popping up left and right, it can be tough to stay on track with your health goals. Ice cream and popsicles are all well and good, but we all need a break from the sugar crashes at some point.

Here are six sugar-free desserts that are sure to be crowd favorites at your next get-together:

sugar-free marshmallow cereal treat

Sugar-Free Marshmallow Chocolate Cereal Treat: This melted chocolate and marshmallow combo, mixed with the sugar-free cereal of your choice, is the perfect five-minute recipe to make while you’re running out the door or want a sweet snack for a little picnic Get the recipe.

Max Mallow Dipped Strawberries: Another quick and easy picnic recipe, these Max Mallow Dipped Strawberries can be made in just a few minutes. The options for sprucing up these dipped strawberries are endless – after dipping, sprinkle them with cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, or shredded coconut, to name a few. Get the recipe.

Chocolate chip cookie recipe photo

Chocolate Chip YumYums Cookie: This fun and healthy sugar-free cookie recipe looks just like an M&M cookie, but tastes even better and is good for you! It features our sugar-free chocolate chips and YumYums and is sweetened with Max Mallow marshmallows. Get the recipe.

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Maxed Out Tahini Chocolate Sandwich Cookie: These cookie sandwiches take a bit longer in the kitchen, but they’re more than worth it. Tahini, coconut, and chocolate meld to create the perfect golden cookie to layer a Max Mallow between. The crunch of the cookie combined with the creaminess of the Max Mallow makes for a perfect bite. Get the recipe.

'smore recipe image

Keto S'mores: Don’t let your keto diet get in the way of the classic bonfire tradition. These keto s’mores are sugar-free, low carb, and easy to make, not to mention delicious! Wow your fellow picnic-goers with these simple, homemade graham crackers. Get the recipe.


Coconut Chocolate Dipped Max Mallows: Another classic recipe here at Max Sweets is our Coconut Chocolate Dipped Max Mallows. All you need is a bag of Max Mallows, some Max Sweets sugar-free chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and cake pop sticks to create the perfect picnic dessert. Get the recipe.

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