ketoish plan of attack


Are you ready for sustained energy and mental focus? Did you know my ingredients support ketosis in your body? Instead of burning carbohydrates, you burn fat. Let me help you maintain a healthy weight, healthy muscle, and healthy brain.

  1. First thing in the morning grab your favorite Know Brainer Product. 
  2. If you chose my ketogenic creamers, massage and knead me, then add to coffee or tea. If you chose one of my keto instants, just massage, knead and add to hot water. 
  3. And of course, stir me up butter cup! 
  4. You should feel satisfied and not hungry for the next 3-4 hours. Healthy fat does that for you.
  5. If you can, do some exercise before you eat again.
  6. Your body is in a state of ketosis and hurrah, you're burning fat and not carbs!
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the 6 day keto challenge

If you really want to see and feel the difference, try the below tips for six days:

Now that you’ve had your Know Brainer breakfast and made it to lunch (11:00-noon), eat foods that will keep your body in a high functioning metabolism boosting, mind-fog clearing state. Avocado, eggs and sauerkraut, BLT (no bread), tuna salad lettuce wraps, chicken and veggies, almond flour tortilla & protein, lentils, macadamia nuts, yum! 

Remember to keep carbs to a minimum (no more than 50g carbs daily) if you are aiming to lose weight. Cut yourself some slack if you just want to maintain. I call this doing it the keto-ish way. You will most likely not crave sugary foods because you started your day with the healthy fats that make up the thinker’s creamer. 

If you want to indulge with dinner, go for it! Be mindful carbs and sugar will keep you from burning fat. And try not to eat after 6pm. After six days, you’ll start seeing a real difference in your life. Check out our recipe page for great keto-ish recipes and our FAQs page if you have dietary restrictions!

why "keto-ish"?

What is ketosis? Simple! It's burning fat for energy (not sugar!) to maintain a healthy mind and metabolism. 

The keto-ish way is based on the ketogenic diet (learn more here) which continuously burns fat throughout your day. My way is less strict and gives you a little more wiggle room, but have no fear! I am 100% ketogenic and paleo approved.

My founder Shari dreamed me up as an alternative to traditional creamers after she was diagnosed with MS. For her, ingredients like heavy whipping cream are simply a no-go, as are foods that are high in sugar. But the ingredients that give me my superpowers are a-ok, and Shari is sure you'll love me, whether you need to cut down on sugars for health reasons, or just want all my brain-boosting and metabolic goodness to kickstart your day. 

I’m no doctor, just Know Brainer and I know what feels good! And to all you folks who have trouble managing the sugar thing, please consult your real doctor.